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Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

Tips -Value of Domains

Understanding the value of domain

History of the internet in Japan

Domains play a crucial role in the digital world, particularly in digital marketing. Think of a domain as your online identity; it's the unique part of a website URL or an email address. For example, in "https://www.mahanacorp.com", the domain is "mahanacorp.com".  

 Why Domains Are Valuable Assets? 

Branding and Online Presence:
Domains represent your company's online brand and address. Often, businesses acquire specific domains to align with their company names, enhancing their online presence. 

High Value of Common Names:
Domains that include common words or phrases, especially those ending in ".com", can be surprisingly valuable. For instance, domains featuring common nouns, place names, or surnames are sought-after in the digital marketplace. There have been instances where such domains have sold for millions. 

Company Names and Brand Value: 

While a domain that matches a company name might not be as universally valuable as a common word domain, it can still hold significant brand value, particularly for well-known companies.

 Recommendations for Domain Management

If you own a common noun domain and don't need it, consider auctioning it off. You might be surprised by its value. 

Even if you're changing your company name or closing your business, think carefully before letting go of your domain. It's a valuable asset that can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands.

The Risks of Discontinuing Your Email Domain

When you own  a domain, like "example.com", you control the email addresses associated with it, such as info@example.com" or "shimizu@example.com".  And if you discontinue your domain, there are risks which should not be underestimated.

Risk of Email Hijacking:
New owners of your old domain can set up these email addresses, potentially gaining access to various services linked to those emails. This can lead to serious security breaches, where important accounts can be hijacked. 

Old Domains, Higher Risk:
Domains that have been in use for a long time carry a higher risk if they are retired. New owners can reset passwords for services linked to these email addresses, posing a significant security threat.



Always consider the value and risks associated  with your domain, especially when thinking of discontinuing it. 

Consulting with a digital marketing expert can provide valuable insights into the best course of action for your domain strategy.


Understanding the Value of Domains in Digital Marketing

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