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Column - SNS in Japan

SNS in Japan

Over the past 10 years, the global SNS tools have completely penetrated the Japanese market and are now indispensable to the day-to-day communication of people in Japan.


As in other countries, Facebook is also the most popular SNS tool in Japan. It is widely used among Japanese people of all ages and is completely translated into the Japanese language. 
Active users in Japan: 28 million* (2017/9)


LINE is a messenger tool that was developed in 2011 by a Korean company in Japan. It is Japan’s most widely used messenger tool, especially among the young. Compared to the US, Facebook Messenger is not very popular in Japan. Instead, the majority of people in Japan use LINE.
Active users in Japan: 70 million* (2017/9)


Instagram recently took the place of Facebook among young people aged 20–40 in Japan. It is completely translated into Japanese. Compared to Facebook, however, Instagram is not popular among the over 50s.
Active users in Japan: 20 million* (2017/9)


Just like Facebook, Twitter has long maintained a presence in Japan and remains very popular among those in the 20–30 age group. It is completely translated into Japanese.
Active users in Japan: 45 million* (2017/9)


Compared to other countries, LinkedIn is not popular in Japan. It is commonly used by international business users in Japan, but the overall number of users is low.
Active users in Japan: unknown


Pinterest is not popular in Japan. Compared to Instagram, which is used by the young, about 50% of Pinterest users are over 35.
Active users in Japan: unknown

Google Plus

Google Plus, as well as Hangouts and Google Photo, is not popular in Japan.
Active users in Japan: unknown


A Japanese SNS giant, MIXI used to be the dominant player in Japan. Its function is very similar to that of Facebook, but it lost its place following the latter’s arrival in Japan. It now has only a small presence.
Active users in Japan: unknown

*Data: SNS Lab

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