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SNS Marketing in Japan

As in other countries, SNS is one of the strongest marketing tools in Japan.

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Facebook is widely used in Japan. There are estimated 28 million active users in Japan. Although this number is overcome by the local SNS giant “LINE”, there are many business users on Facebook, so it is mainly used to target them, while LINE is mainly used to attract individual users especially those below 40.


LINE is the biggest SNS in Japan. It is mainly used as a chat tool to communicate with friends and family.

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram

These are also very popular in Japan especially among young people.

SNS Marketing Service by Mahana Corporation

1. SNS Posting

We locally post to your Facebook page or Twitter in Japanese regularly at reasonable cost.

2. PPC

We arrange PPC for Facebook and other SNS tools in Japanese.

Feel free to contact us now. Our English speaking experts will be ready to help you.

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