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Japanese Digital Marketing,SEO,SEM Service Company/Agency

Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

Japanese Digital Marketing,SEO,SEM Service Company/Agent

Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

Tips - SEO is not the goal

Think Japanese Content before SEO

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When exploring web marketing opportunities in Japan, it's crucial to approach Japanese SEO with a clear understanding and strategy. A common ambition is to achieve high rankings on Google's Japanese version. However, it's a misconception to consider high Google rankings as the sole objective, especially if it means neglecting the quality of your Japanese website.


Right Translation and localization>

Often, non-Japanese companies rely on machine translations or subpar translators for their Japanese website content. This results in awkward or direct translations that can make the website appear untrustworthy to Japanese users. Even content translated by professionals may fail to engage readers effectively, as it often lacks the nuances and appeal of native Japanese writing.

Japanese Appearance

Another frequent issue is the use of images and visuals that are too foreign for the Japanese market, creating a disconnect for local viewers. Additionally, subtle aspects like text color, line spacing, and layout, which differ between Japanese and English, are frequently overlooked, making the website less user-friendly.

Usability and UX

 image of japanese uxA common error is placing a product prominently on a website, yet failing to attract customers. This could be due to weak catchphrases, ineffective calls-to-action, or an overall unpolished homepage. If the product or service itself lacks appeal, it won't sell, regardless of its online visibility.

Revant Keywords

Using incorrect keywords can be a pitfall. A high search ranking is futile if the search volume is low or if the keywords don't directly relate to the product or service. Keywords that attract only researchers, rather than potential customers, won't convert hits into sales.


Remember, the ultimate goal isn't just to rank high on search engines. It's imperative to define your end goal clearly and devise a foundational strategy to achieve it. Recognize that SEO, or achieving higher rankings, is merely one tactic among many. The focus should be on creating a genuinely appealing and user-friendly website for the Japanese audience, with content that resonates and engages effectively.

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