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Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, PPC

Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, Localization -Mahana Corporation

Japanese Website Design

Japanese Website Design

Having Japanese website is essential to get into Japanese market.
A complete Japanese website is a MUST for Japanese SEO as well.

Japanese Website

Generally, Japanese website contains more text and fewer pictures compare to English website.

Top Page:
The top page should contain enough information to attract Japanese visitors. Unlike English website, the top page with a large picture with little content is not common in Japan.

About Us Page:
The company information page in Japan typically uses a common format. It must contain legal name of the company, the year established, the name of the directors, the registered address, and phone number. For an e-commerce site, that information is required by law.

There are many local rules and customs which sometimes difficult for non-Japanese people.


Our Concept

We believe a good website is a simple one. Unfortunately, many websites look nice but are difficult to navigate and read. Too many movies and animation will make it beautiful, but unfriendly to users. What most users are looking for is a simple website, easy to navigate, and contains the right information.

Mahana Corporation, having great experience in the business world, will create a commercially oriented, user friendly website for you, not an overly complicated design oriented one.


Feel free to contact us now. Our English speaking experts will be ready to help you.

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