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Japanese Website Update and Renewal

Japanese website update

People in Japan typically expect to see something new in “what’s new” every time they visit a website. Indeed, this section should be updated at least once a week.

Mahana Corporation manages more than 200 websites in Japan, and we frequently update these on behalf of customers to ensure they are always fresh. In most cases, an update is completed within hours of it being requested.


Japanese website renewal

A “newly” designed website becomes old after 5 years and is completely outdated after 10 years.

An old website can leave a customer with a negative impression of your company. They may see it as a sign that your company is inactive or, worse, dead.

Mahana Corporation has long experience designing Japanese websites. We can modernize your old Japanese website at a reasonable cost.    


Our Japanese website update and renewal services

1. Weekly/monthly website updates

2. SNS posts

3. Blog posts

4. Complete renewal of your existing websites, including new desing and layout

5. Japanese content writing



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