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Japanese Digital Marketing,SEO,SEM Service Company/Agency

Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

Japanese Digital Marketing,SEO,SEM Service Company/Agent

Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

Japanese SEO

SEO Services in Japanese

Elevate Your Japanese Website to the First Page of Google and Yahoo*!

(*Yahoo is still commonly used in Japan. )

When people look up for your product or service, it is crucial that your webpage is displayed on the first page of search result. Our Japanese SEO services will assist to have your webpage appear on the top page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines commonly used in Japan.

According to our research, most Japanese web users do not look past the first page of search results. So ensuring your website ranks high on the result page is essential. Top-ranked websites receive more views and in turn, generate more profitable business.

Mahana Corporation has extensive knowledge and experience of getting Japanese websites on the top page of Yahoo and Google search results in Japanese.

Our SEO Services

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7 Reasons to Choose Mahana’s SEO Service


1. Long Experience in Japanese Local Marketing

When it comes to websites, the Japanese audience holds distinct preferences. To conduct effective research on local customer needs, a strong knowledge of Japanese culture and historical background, as well as Japanese language skills is a must-have. Mahana recognizes these local nuances and understands what resonates within Japanese society. Our 18 years of experience becomes valuable, recognizing the shifts from what used to be effective to what holds value now, and grasping the Japanese trends.

2. Expertise in Japanese Keyword Research

japanese seo imageKeyword research is a crucial first step of SEO. As a local Japanse agency, we conduct thorough keyword research in Japanese, understanding the specific keywords and search terms that local consumers actually use. Then we can optimize website content, meta tags, and other elements for relevant keywords accordingly.

We have been successfully assisting numerous clients in finding efficient but often overlooked Japanese keywords.

3. Cultural Sensitivity

As our office is physically located in the center of Shibuya, which is one of the busiest district of Tokyo, all of team members are culturally sensitive and aware of local customs and norms. We deeply understand how to create content and campaigns that resonate with the Japanese audience, avoiding cultural missteps.

4. Tailored SEO Strategies

We truly understand each customer has different needs. We create effective SEO strageties tailored to client’s specific goals. This involves keyword selection, targeting, content creation, and overall SEO tactics that align with each client's needs.

5. Transparency

japanese seo imageWe are well aware of the power a clear communication has. We will conduct thorough hearings to learn about the business, field, goals, and ideas. We promise to be transparent about what we plan and execute.

We continuously and closely communicate with cusotmers, to update the status of our SEO work.

6. Long-Term Approach

For substantial growth through SEO efforts, patience is the key. A long-term approach consistently outweighs a thin-veneer solution. We are here to help you establish robust, lasting goals and strategize the path forward.

7. Techniques Beyond SEO

On-page optimization including meta tags, headings, content, and URLs is definitely important but good SEO won’t stop there. We, as a full-service digital marketing agency, can offer total support for wide SEO aspects such as website structure, website speed, UX, mobile-friendliness, and more.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be described as the procedure for improving the visibility of a website in the search engine results pages through the use of various strategies and tactics.

Why does my website need SEO?

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A majority of people in Japan discover websites via search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thus, if your website isn't ranked highly in the search engine results, then you may not be able to attract the kind of people you are targeting with your site.

You can achieve any goal you are aiming for so long as you can attract lots of targeted traffic to your website. For example, if your goal is to increase your sales volume, you need to expose your offer to as many people as you can. With more and more websites out there, it’s challenging to have good rankings if your website is not optimized for the search results.

How search engines work?

Search engines crawl billions of documents every time you perform a search. Websites that provide the most relevant answers to your queries may appear on the first page of the search results. However, search engine reviews other various factors when choosing websites, so having a highly relevant website isn't enough.

How to optimize a website?

A website can be tuned to rank well in search results by tweaking number things, whether they're on the website itself(on page) or outside the website (off page). On page factors include meta descriptions, page titles, meta tags, URL structure, internal linking, image tags and more. Off page factors include backlinks, social media and trust elements.

You can optimize a website by yourself if you have a time to learn the theory and implement all the best strategies and tactics. However, if you don’t have time or SEO is not your core business, asking for experts' help would be a better option.

During the search engine optimization process, it's important to understand that achieving a high ranking in search results page takes time. Be wary of those who promise instant results as they could potentially be scammers, and they might cause more harm than good by using banned methods that may cause your website to be de-ranked.



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