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Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

Japanese Digital Marketing,SEO,SEM Service Company/Agent

Japanese Website, SEO in Japan, SEM and digital marketing-Mahana Corporation

SSL in Japanese


SSL is essential to protect private information from hackers and identity thieves; failing to install them properly can compromise both your users and your business. Furthermore, many search engines prioritize websites using this technology in their search results, so implementing SSL can have the added benefit of improving your site's visibility and attracting more visitors.

What is SSL?


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol (set of rules implemented in computer code) for sending information securely over the internet, using encryption to ensure that the data is readable only by the intended participants. A connection using SSL results in the familiar "HTTPS" in web addresses.

To use SSL, a client requests this connection from a server, and the two parties then complete a "handshake" where they exchange encryption keys that allow only them to read any data exchanged while connected. SSL uses public-key cryptography; there are many variations, but all involve a public key used to encrypt the message in such a way that it is only readable when decrypted with a corresponding private key. Keys are simply numbers used by an algorithm to transform data to or from its readable/usable form. SSL version 2.0 used only the RSA algorithm to generate keys, but in version 3.0 and TLS, a wide variety of algorithms can be used, depending on what software the client has available.

Websites configured to use SSL sends clients a digital certificate that includes both its public encryption key and a guarantee from a trusted authority that the connection is secure.

What is AOSSL?

Always-On SSL (AOSSL) extends the security of SSL by encrypting users' entire sessions on a website, rather than just certain pages where sensitive data is sent. Without AOSSL, hackers could still see a client's cookies, pages visited, and information entered, even if the most delicate information is still protected by SSL on login or checkout pages. AOSSL is considered the best practice for IT configuration and is used in many websites in Japan, including Google, Yahoo Japan, Facebook, Rakuten and Softbank to protect users.

How do SSL and AOSSL effect security?

SSL is critically important when sending sensitive data over the internet, such as credit card numbers, personal information, or passwords. Without its encryption, data is sent between the client and server as plain text that can be easily read by hackers.

How do SSL and AOSSL effect search engine optimization (SEO)?

Configuring a website with SSL or AOSSL will not only improve its security, but it should also improve its results in search engines. Google has announced that sites secured with SSL are explicitly ranked higher in its results, so even if your site deals with no sensitive data, it could still be worth implementing SSL to improve the site's visibility.

SSL in Japan

All of the international certificates, such as Comodo, Global Sign, GeoTrust and Norton (Verisign) are commonly used in Japan, while there are some Japanese local brands such as SECOM and FUJISSL. All international SSL are displayed in Japanese when opened on Japanese web browsers.

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SSL for Japanese website

Mahana Corporation installs SSL for your Japanese website.


Installation: 50,000JPY

Monthly: 3,000JPY/month


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